Maria Fuenmayor is dedicated to helping you to achieve fitness and sustain a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy the mental clarity, physical strength and increased energy that regular exercise and good nutrition can provide. Whether you're new to fitness, starting up again, or currently active with specific training needs, MF Fitness provides the guidance, education, support and motivation to help you attain your fitness goals. MF Fitness is honored to be a part of your fitness journey, and truly committed to your success. Looking forward to working with you soon!

A veteran athlete and fitness enthusiast, Maria has always had exercise and sports as a central focus in her life. When a severe car accident derailed her basketball career and forced Maria to forego her usual activities in order to heal extensive injuries, she subsequently struggled with a weight gain as well. Determined to overcome this setback, Maria regained her fitness goals through perseverance and hard work, and she remains dedicated to fitness, every day. Having personal experience with a weight loss challenge, Maria is able to connect with clients and relate to their weight challenges and fitness hurdles. She truly enjoys every opportunity to work with clients to help them understand problem areas, identify solutions and create positive change. Maria is passionate about inspiring clients and assisting them in making healthy life changes, realizing their potential and achieving their fitness goals. Continually motivated by and inspired by her clients' hard work and fitness triumphs, Maria is grateful to share the joy and empowerment of fitness and health, one client at a time.

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